Lawn Fertilizer FAQs

Lawn Fertilizer FAQs

Can you explain the signup process?

First, browse the shop, add to cart, and then checkout via your preferred payment option. Once your order is placed our office is alerted and will begin processing your order. You'll receive a couple of onboarding emails shortly afterwards with instructions on how to access our client portal AND when to expect your first service. *If your order is placed outside of business orders it will be processed upon our return the next business day.

What's the schedule of the program?

Program Schedule
  1. App #1: 2/20 -3/31
  2. App #2: 4/1 – 5/30
  3. App #3: 6/1 – 7/15
  4. App #4: 7/16 – 8/30
  5. App #5: 9/1 – 10/30
  6. App #6: 11/1 – 12/20
Add-on Schedule
  1. Spring Core Aeration: 3/1 – 5/30
  2. Compost Top-Dressing: 9/1 – 10/30
  3. Fall Core Aeration & Seeding: 9/1 – 10/30
  4. Lime Application: 9/1 – 10/30
*These dates are just a guide and we do our best to stick to this schedule, weather permitting

What products are used with your program?

We use many different products depending on the exact service. Please see the link below for a detailed breakdown of the materials used with our program.

See Program Materials Used Here

How does billing work?

12 Interest Free Monthly Payments: One flat annual rate split up over 12 monthly payments from signup date. This option allows for better budgeting since it’s a low set amount each month. Credit card or ACH on file required.

Prepay: If you pay for the entire year up front you’ll save 5%-10% per year. With this option, you’re set for 12 months from your signup date, and it autorenews until canceled by either party.

*We currently do not pro-rate if/when signing up in the middle of the season. Both mowing options are for 12 months from the signup date.
*Credit card or ACH on file required for annual programs

How soon can you perform the first service? *In Season Only

Our goal is to get your first service taken care of within about a week of signing up. Sometimes the weather holds us up for a day or so but we catch up really fast! 

When/How do you treat for weeds?

We treat for weeds in the turf during each visit to the property. You can view the products used here: see more

How often should I water my grass?

How do scheduling notifications work?

As we approach each "application" it's our goal to give you as much heads up as possible before we arrive. It's our goal to give you at least 1 week's notice. You'll also receive a post service email notification upon the crew wrapping up the route for the day of each visit. Aside from the email notifications, you can use our client portal to view your past and upcoming job info.

Do I need to be home in order for the service to be completed?

You don't need to be home for the mowing service to be performed. That's what's great about the service notifications we have in place here at A Cut Above. You'll receive an email notification before and after we perform each service, so you'll know when we're coming.

Do I need to prepare the lawn before each visit?

Please remove toys/hoses/etc. from the lawn before each visit (A Cut Above is not responsible for damage to any man made object left in the lawn prior to mowing service). Our crew leaders inspect the lawn before each visit but we really appreciate your help with this. Also, please unlock any gates on the property so our equipment can get through.

How long until I see results?

Our initial spot treatments and nitrogen application will begin to show results almost immediately. Our program is designed to strengthen the overall soil health.  Our program will begin to show fantastic results after 1-2 seasons.  Consistent applications is the key to building proper soil conditions that will allow your lawn to flourish.

Are the lawn applications harmful to children or pets?

No. Building a strong turf/soil ecosystem with organic materials is how our program is focused.  Weed Control Products (Herbicides and Pesticides) can be harmful to the environment/pets/children if not handled or applied appropriately. We're licensed by the state through the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to apply these materials safely as needed. If/when herbicides or pesticides are used we notify you to stay off of the lawn, other than quick animal potty breaks, for 24 hours after service is completed to let the application fully absorb.

Are you licensed to apply chemicals to the property?

Yes. While we don't like to use herbicides/pesticides we are licensed through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to apply those materials when needed (Commercial License #9497/Applicator Certificate #104143-C).

Is Grub Control included?

Yes, it's included in the program. Please see program breakdown here.

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