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Lawn Care FAQs

What's included with the Fertilizer Program?

The program consists of 6 annual visits and includes our soil amendment, fertilizer, weed control, and fall aeration/seeding. See Program Breakdown

What's included with the Deluxe Fertilizer Program?

The program includes the standard program + spring core aeration + 1 extra summer weed control visit. The only difference between the two programs are these two additional services.
We added the spring core aeration service after witnessing amazing results with our properties that were aerated per year. With the 4 seasons that we experience in our area it’s great to relieve compaction twice per year. We also added the second weed control visit to ensure a weed-free lawn before our fall “growth” application. See Program Breakdown

What's the goal of your lawn applications?

Our goal is to strengthen soil conditions to the point where we can eliminate the use of herbicide/pesticides on your lawn over time. A strong soil ecosystem is what leads to a healthy lush turfgrass. Our soil amendment applications are designed to strengthen overall soil conditions, leading to a lush lawn.  It's completely natural and organic too! We believe that you can't create a healthy lawn by spraying lots of herbicides/pesticides on top of the grass. The two annual soil amendment applications are awesome vitamin boosters for the soil ecosystem and a critical part of the overall annual program. See Program Breakdown

What materials are applied to my lawn?

See Program Breakdown

Is the aeration/seeding service included with the Fertilizer Program?

Yes. Currently our lawn care program includes 6 lawn care applications and aeration/seeding in the Fall. We aim for a target depth of 2"-3" but it depends on the current site conditions and is not guaranteed. Watering the lawn before the service helps soften up the soil and is recommended.

Aeration Core

Does the program include Grub Control?

Yes, application #3 includes Grub Control. If this annual application is not enough to control grubs then we will add another grub treatment, at an additional charge. See Program Breakdown

How long until I see results?

Our initial spot treatments and nitrogen application will begin to show results almost immediately. Our program is designed to strengthen the overall soil health.  Our soil amendment will begin to show fantastic results after 1-2 seasons.  Consistent applications is the key to building proper soil conditions. That and a true watering schedule designed for your exact property specifications. See Watering FAQs

Are the lawn applications safe for children and pets?

Yes. Our state certified applicators have been trained to safely apply all lawn care applications.  ACA also recommends staying off the lawn for 24 hours to let the turf and soil fully absorb granular materials applied, and depending on weather the liquid applications are typically absorbed within 2-3 hours after application.  ACA provides additional precautions by communicating to all customers with before and after emails detailing the application as well as, upon completion, we leave in the front yard a “date & time stamped” treatment notification lawn-flag.

*Child and Pet Safety is our number one priority when considering product selections and the main goal of our program is to create a strong turf/soil ecosystem without sacrificing the safety of children and/or pets.

Are you licensed to apply chemicals to the property?

Yes, we are licensed through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Commercial License #9497/Applicator Certificate #104143-C)

How often should I water my grass?

How do we know the service date?

We send email notifications with your scheduled job date soon after signup. Once the service is completed we'll send your post service notification. See Program Breakdown for more information about service dates.

Do you apply seed to bare areas?

As of 2021 we're only applying seed during Fall Aeration because this is the best time of the year to promote new growth. If you require seed outside of the fall aeration & seeding visit we can do so at an additional cost.

Is Compost Top-Dressing included?

Compost is not included with the program but you can get a Free Quote Here

Is Lime Application Included?

Lime Application is an Add-on service to our Lawn Fertilizer Program and are not included with the program pricing. Most lawns don't need Lime but once every 3 years so we've set it up as an add-on moving forward. 

Spring and Fall are great times to apply Lime to the lawn if the soil is suffering from unbalanced PH levels. Most of our area is “cool season turf” and the ideal soil PH is between 5.8 and 7.2. Want to learn more about Lime and if it will benefit your lawn? This outside article created by Pennington does a great job explaining Lime in great detail. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Do you offer Soil Tests?

Currently we do not because it's easier these days for our customers to do their own. How do you test your soil PH levels? We recommend DIY kits sold online for fast results. CLICK HERE to see our suggested at home test kit.

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