Payment Options

Payment Options

Annual Programs
  1. 12 Interest Free Monthly Payments
  2. Full Year Prepay
One Time Services
  1. Payment Due At Checkout/Signup (for purchases over $2,000 we can offer 50% down and 50% upon completion; available upon request only)
More Resources
  1. Terms & Conditions

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    • Autobilling FAQs

      Why am I being billed during the offseason? Our 12 interest free monthly payments plan bills the same amount every month all year long. This payment option was designed so that our customers wouldn't experience spiked payment amounts during the busy ...
    • Annual Prepay Renewal FAQs

      Why did my price increase? A Cut Above has a standard annual 5% price increase that is automatically generated at the beginning of the new auto-billing cycle. This slight change is due to the ever-increasing cost and annual inflation of items such as ...
    • Acceptance Terms - Cancellation Policy

      Acceptance Of Proposal The quoted prices, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted and A Cut Above is authorized to do the work as specified. Seller reserves the right to make any corrections to prices quoted due to ...
    • Leaf Removal FAQs

      What's included with your leaf removal service? A 2-3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment. We use backpack blowers, walk behind blowers, and rakes to gather the leaves into large piles. Then we use the leaf vacuum to dispose of the ...
    • Cleanup Program FAQs

      What's included with the program? Our newly revamped Landscaping Maintenance Package is designed to keep your outdoor space looking impeccable throughout the year. This updated service begins with an initial One Time Cleanup at the point of signup, ...