Leaf Removal FAQs

Leaf Removal FAQs

What's included with your leaf removal service?

A 2-3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment.  We use backpack blowers, walk behind blowers, and rakes to gather the leaves into large piles. Then we use the leaf vacuum to dispose of the piles.

What's NOT included with your leaf removal service?

Anything other than blowing/removing the fallen leaves.

Does it include removing the leaves from the property, or just bringing them to the curb?

Yes, we use the leaf vacuum to remove the leaves from your property.

The leaves were left in a pile at the curb, will you return and remove them?

When this happens it means the leaf box was full. Yes, we'll return either the same day or next to remove the leaves with the vacuum.

When is the service performed?

Leaf removal season begins in November and continues through the end of December/beginning of January. The leaf option that you choose will determine the schedule. Typically, we come once in November and once in December.

How Does Billing Work?

Payment is due at signup. If you purchase within our webstore you'll pay at checkout. If you get a custom quote sent to you we'll either run your credit card on file or email you an invoice that can be paid online via "guest checkout".

How many visits are included?

Package options

  1. 4 visits (Typically twice in November and twice in December)
  2. 2 visits (Typically once in November and twice in December)
  3. 1 visit (November, December, or January available)

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