Compost Top-Dressing FAQ’s

Compost Top-Dressing FAQ’s

What is Compost Top-Dressing?

Adding compost soil to your turf is like giving your lawn a shot of important vitamins and bio nutrients.  The organic matter that’s added to your lawn provides much needed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and micro-organisms.  All of this promotes a healthy soil, and that’s the key to a beautiful turf space.

What type of Compost will be used on my lawn?

We use Soilmate Compost from our local vendor Loudoun Composting. The compost is made entirely from leaves, grass and brush which produce a stable, highly beneficial and environmentally friendly product.

How much is applied to the lawn?

Our teams apply a depth of .25" - .5", depending on the soil conditions.

Do you apply seed with the compost?

Compost + Seed is one of the purchase options in the store.

Is your compost STA Certified?

Yes. Please see more info from our vendor here:

How Does Billing Work?

Payment is due at signup for all one time service orders under $2,000.

When can I expect compost service to be performed?

Compost Seasons are Spring and Fall
Generally 1-2 weeks from signup/payment (in-season only). We'll notify you via email shortly after signup with your expected service date, weather permitting.

How Much Should I Water?

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Do you need to be home for the service?

You don't need to be home for the services to be performed. That's what's great about the service notifications we have in place here at A Cut Above. You'll receive an email notification before and after we perform each service, so you'll know when we're coming.

How do scheduling notifications work?

As we approach each upcoming service it's our goal to give you as much heads up as possible before we arrive. It's our goal to give you at least 1 week's notice via email notification. You'll also receive a post service email notification upon the crew wrapping up the route for the day of each visit. Aside from the email notifications, you can use our client portal to view your past and upcoming job info.

Do I need to prepare the service area before each visit?

Please remove toys/hoses/etc. from the service area before each visit (A Cut Above is not responsible for damage to any man made object left in the service areas prior to service). Our crew leaders inspect the services areas before each visit but we really appreciate your help with this. Also, please unlock any gates on the property so our equipment can get through.

What's not included with the service?

Weed control

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